This Web App was created as a Demo to illustrate several interactive features that can be implemented for different datasets. We can implement different types of statistical procedures and create different types of plots and tables to display the most important features of a dataset. Also, our applications can handle Big Data.
The data presented in this App are real COVID-19 cases in México from 07-MAR-2020 to 12-MAY-2020. The data were obtained from public official records of the Mexican government.
We can develop statistical software as needed to monitor and to predict the evolution of different diseases, for example:
Bacterial Diseases
- Tuberculosis
- Cholera
Virus Diseases
- Influenza
- COVID-19
- Measles
- Herpes
- Dengue
- Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)
Fungal Diseases
- Candida Auris/Albicans
Oncology Diseases
- Breast Cancer
- Cervical Cancer
- Leukemia
- Lung Cancer
- Colon Cancer
Chronic Degenerative Diseases
- Diabetes
- Systemic Hypertension
- Cardiovascular
- Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
- Obesity
- Overweight
Psychiatric Disorder
- Depression
- Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Tropical Diseases
- Malaria

This Demo App is organized in 5 parts: About this site, Data, Map, Gompertz Model, and Reproductive Rate (R0).

- The Data part displays the study data with interactive features
- The Map part displays the data in an interactive map
- The Gompertz Model displays the observed and predicted cumulative cases by date and the new cases by date. The data was modeled using the Gompertz Model
- The Reproductive Rate (R0) shows the predicted R0 over time using the Time-Dependent method. The R0 is a mathematical term representing the expected number of cases directly generated by one case in a population where all individuals are susceptible to infection

Artificial Intelligence algorithms can be implemented and displayed in a similar Web App. These type of algorithms overperform other types of models, providing more accurate predictions that help to make intelligent decisions. Also, these algorithms learn over time making better predictions.
CumCases: Cumulative Cases By Date
CumDeaths: Cumulative Deaths By Date
Click on the play button to observe the evolution of the disease over time

The predictions are for the real COVID-19 cases in Mexico (data obtained from public official records of the Mexican government).

- The predictions are for the real COVID-19 cases in Mexico (data obtained from public official records of the Mexican government)
- The goal of any government is to have R0 less than 1. In this case, the disease will decline and eventually die out
- The real behavior of R0 depends on several factors, such as, the campaigns implemented by the governments, the epidemic curve, and the dates between the reported symptom onset of infector and infectee