This Web App was created as a Demo to illustrate several interactive features that can be implemented for different datasets.
The dataset presented in this site is related to cervical cancer screenings performed on patients of a hospital located
in Guanajuato, Mexico, between Dec-2011 and Jan-2012.


This Web App is organized in 3 parts: About this site, Data, and Charts.

The Data part displays the study data with the following features:
- The total number of patients and the total number of patients with abnormal results are displayed at the top
- The number of entries (10, 25, 50, 100) to be displayed is selected using the top select box
- The Search input is used to find data in the database
- The database can be sorted using the arrows next to the variable name
- Select the page of the database to be displayed using the buttons at the right bottom

The Charts part displays two interactive plots:
- Use the slider to select the dates to be used in the Bar-plot
- Click on the play symbol that is located below the slider to display the Bar-plot over time
- The interactive Bar-plot displays the number of patients by Age and Results (No data, Normal, Abnormal)
- Place the cursor in the Bars of the Bar-plot to see the exact number of patients per category. In the vector (b,c), b represents the age and c represents the number of patients
- The line plot in the bottom displays the number of Normal and Abnormal patients over time
- Click on the lines to display the number of patients per category
Sample: 0=No; 1=Yes
Result: 0=No data; 1=Normal; 2=Abnormal